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ELEctronics designer

I graduated as Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology in 2005. My major was design of electronic devices. That same year, one of my friends from school gave me a call. He was working at a company called Aumec Systems Oy, and he offered me a job as a tester for electronic devices. I chose to give it a try, and here I am, still on that same career path today. A lot has changed over the years though. Aumec Systems became part of Stera Technologies in 2008. At Stera, my main task switched from testing to designing the electronic devices. I think it has been a good experience to have seen the production of electronics in many different levels and to have learnt how decisions made in designing affect the production in many different ways.


My days are very versatile. My duties include, among other things, start-up of machinery and test equipment, maintenance and upkeeping of the devices as well as quality control and product planning in the electronics department. With my team I’m in charge of our unit’s product development. I have two designers as my subordinates and they are my closest colleagues. The whole “Electronics team” is familiar to each other and we work closely together. Fortunately we have such a good team here.

In order to success in this kind of job you need to have the skills and know-how, but also creativity, persistence and eagerness to learn new things. Programming skills are also needed, since nowadays more and more of the devices use microcontrollers. If this kind on job is your dream, remember that the know-how is not always enough, you also need to have genuine interest in technics and electronics field.

I have lost my heart to this field, and the best part of my work is that I’m still able to develop my designing skills. I also appreciate being allowed to work quite freely as a designer. And even though the troubleshooting is not my favorite thing, it is always rewarding when you manage to solve the puzzles.