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Jenni Vänttinen

press brake operator, paimio

I ended up at Stera in late 2017, when Stera started a recruitment training for press brake operators at the Paimio factory. I heard about the training from the Activity Center Apila in Paimio. At that time Stera was unknown to me, nor had I any experience in mechanics, nor of work as a press brake operator. I graduated as printing trade worker in 1997, and worked in a printing house for about 5 years getting valuable experience in working at a production plant.  After the birth of my children I worked as a private day carer for many years.


I work at Stera in two shifts so that every other week I have morning shift and every other evening shift. In Paimio we press break operators have sort of our own press brakes and for me the Amada one is quite familiar already. At the recruiting training we studied e.g. reading the drawings, material knowledge and naturally, operating this press brake. With my Amada I can already make some simple programmes, even though they are mainly made by more experienced workers. Once a week the press brake operators and welders gather together and the shift foreman tells about the matters of the past week and the targets of the starting week. .

I think one can do well at this work when one gets along with different kinds of people. There's no point in showing a long face – we are working as a team, aren’t we. It is naturally also important to be able to read the drawings and I am surely getting better and better in it with time and more experience.

My closest workmates are the other press brake operators, and I do like to work with them. They are easy to talk to and I know that I’ll get help from them and my foreman if needed. I appreciate the fact that all matters are clarified even if the answer is not found rightaway. Any mistakes are properly handled with facts and positive approach, without blaming anyone. All in all, I like my work and the work atmosphere here. Working hours are flexible, from both worker's and employer's side. It is a great help in a working mother's life. Also common freetime programme is organised, funded occcasionally by our employer. It is nice to have something in common also outside working hours!