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I started my studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences after my military service. In 2016, I was in final stages of my studies in Industrial Engineering and Management when a school professor told me that Stera was looking for a thesis worker. I applied for that and soon I was at Stera developing a supplier auditing process based on the new ISO standard. 


 After graduation I was able to continue my work at Stera. While still studying, I had already gained some experience in project management in my previous jobs, and now I got a few internal projects to handle from our Tammela factory. These small projects soon grew into a larger one as I took over responsibility for implementing one of Stera’s large customer’s product family into production. Production was first started at the Tammela factory and after that I was supporting the start-up of the production of this product family at our Estonia factory. Gradually we moved all production to Estonia. At the end of the project, I was pretty much dedicated to that specific customer's quality requirements, so I'm still taking care of their quality issues in some product categories. In 2019, I got a new big project to take care of, when a few Stera’s factories started production for a new customer. At the same time, I was able to explore some tasks in sales management. 

 As a Project Manager, my job responsibilities are quite varied, including, among other things, production ramp-up and development, quality management, sales, and developing IT and automation issues. I work with different kinds of people and things every day. The work also requires good skills in English language and that’s not a problem for me - on the contrary, I have always been fascinated by international affairs and I like being able to communicate in English. Along with my work, I am currently studying for an MBA degree in Sales Management program in English.

 Stera has given me an opportunity to develop myself in challenging and diverse assignments. My employer has also enabled and encouraged me in my postgraduate studies. For the future Project Managers, I would say that this job requires good organizational skills as well as schedule management. The to-do list on my desk constantly reminds me of the following things to grab.