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WELder, kaavi

I was originally trained as a sign language interpreter. I worked as one for about four years until 2001, when I was crowned as Tango King at the Seinäjoki Tango Festival. The career in the music business took me over for 15 years, until I started to think that I would like to do some more regular work, too, besides the gigs. I then got into metal work training, but soon, in autumn 2015, I noticed an advertisement about Stera recruitment training and decided to apply for it. It was worth while, as it led to a permanent working place and I am still on that road.


I work at the welding assemble unit in the Kaavi factory. I work in two shifts: one week in the morning, and the next in the evening shift. I have just moved to welding the dished ends, where we are welding different kinds of fuel, hydraulics and oil tanks for work and forestry machines. My job is to finish the parts coming from the robot welding unit.  Earlier I welded different types of separate detached parts. In my team we are 5-6 persons working in the same shift, thus my closest workmates.

This work requires diligence, endurance and concentration. One has to keep up with the work pace, yet the quality comes first.  The worker needs to understand, that in this sector we are competing with the quality and productivity as the customers pay for the quality.

As an old tango professional I may say that even if I know the notes, there needs to be some challenge in the work, too. I would even say that the challenges are the best part of this work. I also appreciate that my workmates are nice and the work is regular. Well, sometimes those mates have asked me to sing, but I have answered that in that case they can come and weld.


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