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I ended up at Stera as an electronics worker through personnel leasing in 2018. At the beginning of the following year, I got a permanent job here. My work background is very focused on electronics. I graduated as a Precision Mechanics at the Peltola Vocational school and specialized in locks. After I graduated, I immediately got a job at Nokia, where I spent a full 18 years as a mobile phone repairman. I also had time to work in another company in the electronics industry for a while before I came to Stera.


It doesn't quite have the office scenery of my childhood dream job, i.e. a pilot, but I do like my job and our work community. This electronics unit where I work is a rather small and tight-knit community, we are a bit like one big family. After the electronics production moved to the factory premises in Naantali, we have met new nice colleagues and the factory premises are also more functional compared to before.

My main job includes assembling boards, soldering by hand and using a wave soldering machine. The close-knit work community means that there are many people I talk to during the day, but I mostly collaborate with other circuit board assemblers and component solderers. However, I like that I can work alone and in peace. Help is always available if there are any problems that can be solved together. During my time at Stera, I have learned all kinds of new things, because in addition to soldering and stacking, you can sometimes do other work. Sometimes, for example, I might pack products and sometimes I have helped with some electromechanical assembly as well.

If you think about what kind of qualities are required in this job, you have to be precise with circuit boards and small components and be nimble with your fingers. Patience is also needed precisely because the work is meticulous. An electronics background is of course useful in order to know the components and know the correct soldering technique.

If you are thinking about Stera and the electronics unit as a workplace, I would say that it is definitely worth applying to us if there are vacancies. I also came just to see, but I ended up staying here, because I see no reason to exchange a good one. 


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