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I always wanted to become a nurse and I worked as one for almost 13 years. After that I studied cosmetology and also specialized in makeup and hairdressing.

When I started at Stera in 2015, the company was completely unknown to me since I did’t have any contacts in Stera nor experience in production. Originally, I only planned to work here for a short period, but now I find myself working here for several years.


I work in one shift and my job is to assembly elevator parts. This work requires a lot of consideration and teamwork skills. I use a lot of hand tools, such as a cordless drill and wrenches. Craft trades are important folklore for us. The work order vary from product to product and this makes the job meaningful and offers change every day.

The department I work at is called TTR and it consists of five female workers. If needed, we help each others and work together as a team. Our team spends a lot of time together also in spare time.

Why my idea of a short-term work at Stera became a permanent job? Because Stera became the right place to work for me. I come to work every morning with the greatest joy. I really enjoy my job, which is variable and exciting. I have great colleagues here and the department has a friendly and positive atmosphere. It’s always good to come here!

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