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I started my studies at Turku Vocational School in 2008 and graduated as a CNC machinist in 2011. Shortly before graduating Stera was looking for a metal work student who would be interested in tool production and my teacher contacted me. At the time, I was 19 years young student and interested in machining and all technology related work, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to jump straight from school to work. Along with school, I had worked as a sheet metal welder in a metal workshop, but that did not meet my education and I also wanted new challenges that would allow me to use my skills better. At first, I got a summer job here as a manual machinist. In a few months I got a permanent job where I still work and where I go every morning with a smile on my face.


I did manual and CNC machining work and tool maintenance for about a year, and at the same time some work maintenance and machine transfers. At that time, I also implemented one punching machine transfer and as a result I operated this machine for a couple of years. This gave me a lot of work experience.

In 2013, I was given the opportunity to jump into a major automotive project involving jig production and robot implementation, as well as programming. This was perhaps the most decisive milestone in my career. New devices were implemented and several product ramp ups were performed. Soon I realized that I was responsible for programming robots and coordinating robot maintenance. Larger projects also required more programming skills and maintenance resources, so I was able to train new employees and share my experience with them. Nowadays these employees work under me in the maintenance and automation team and they are doing a great job.

In 2015, I decided to start studying mechanical and production engineering at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Along with the studies, I took on the role of team leader, and as a result, I was appointed Project Manager at the Turku factory, being in charge of new automation and maintenance projects in 2017-2018. I graduated as engineer in the spring 2019 and currently work as development manager on the management team at the Turku factory. I am responsible for maintenance in Turku factory and production development projects for other Stera units. I also act as a supervisor for Stera's automation team. The job description is meaningful and there is plenty of work to be done! The positive thing is that every day is different and challenging. My daily tasks include factory maintenance and coordination, spare parts and equipment procurement, project management, supervisor work, and support for all Stera’s factories.

You need to tolerate pressure, be determined and be effective organizer in order to handle this work - but that's what I like.


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