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about us


Stera Technologies is an internationally operating technology company. The company employs more than 900 high-skill professionals in Finland and Estonia in seven different locations. The Group's products and services include contract manufacturing services, Stera equipment and dispenser products, and SteraSmart production automation solutions and wireless production environment monitoring systems.


your partner in industrial evolution

We Sterans are inspired by improving the competitiveness of our customers through production technology in a responsible manner and utilizing digitalisation without prejudice. Our goal is to create maximum added value for our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer's product.

Our contract manufacturing services are characterised by the extensive technological variety on offer, sustainable development, high quality performance, cost-effectiveness, operational flexibility and reliability. All this is made possible by the high level of expertise of Stera's personnel, the ability to understand the business requirements of our end customers, and the courage to take advantage of the benefits of the latest developments in production automation and digitalisation. With SteraTools and SteraSmart services, we can act as an expert partner for our customers' own production needs across industry boundaries. Our customers need a partner who is capable of constant development and improvement and who provides services for every stage of the process from design and procurement to mass production or individually tested end products. 

The products developed by Stera also rely on these same foundational values. We offer Stera equipment and cartons as customized solutions to deliver significant added value to our customers in their own business. Our expertise and comprehensive service model provide the most sustainable, reliable and competitive solution for people, the environment, and our partners' businesses.

As a company, Stera offers its employees a modern industrial environment and versatile work opportunities in a growth-oriented and development-friendly organizational culture. Developing our personnel's expertise and well-being at work are values that guide our daily operations in all our factories.