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about us


Stera Technologies is an international mechanics and electronics contract manufacturer. We employ more than 800 professionals in our six factories in Finland and Estonia. Our own products include Stera cabinets, SteraLux LED-lighting systems, and SteraSmart wireless systems for plant monitoring.


Supply Chain Evolution

In the modern, constantly evolving international industry the role of contract manufacturer becomes highlighted: customers and end-customers set fast growing and ever more changing demands for the supply chains of products and services. In a dynamic operating environment the contract manufacturer needs to accommodate in these changing demands and opportunities by renewing and adjusting. We’re dealing with evolution in the supply chain. Our customers are looking for a partner capable of renewing its operations, a partner who offers them service throughout their supply chain from design and procurement all the way to mass production and single, tested end products, and who utilizes the latest technologies and the means of digitalization. Stera is such a partner. We operate in tight co-operation with our customers developing products and operations, and offer tailored solutions, which create significant added value to the customer. For us every supreme product and every link in our customers’ supply chain is a passion that guides everything we do. That is why Stera is the superlative in contract manufacturing.