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corporate responsibility


our Values and Code of Conduct

The Stera Group objective is to aim for persevering and profitable business by operating ethically and responsibly. The Stera course of action is guided,
among other things, by the laws and regulations in force for market, Stera Values and Stera Code of Conduct.

The following Stera Values guide Stera activities:

  • Customer orientation
  • Personnel job satisfaction
  • Operation effectiveness ad performance 

Stera code of conduct guides Stera activities by the following themes:

  • Sustainable development
  • Transparent operations
  • Management of the intellectual capital
  • Conflicts of interest, gifts and bribes
  • Respect and promotion for human rights 

By observing Stera Values and Stera Code of Conduct, we create added value for our stakeholders and increase our attractiveness as an employer. 

 Quality Policy

We commit our customers with good service and extensive expertise. 

We are aware of our customer requirements and are committed to them.The goal is customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and compliance. Quality objectives are monitored on a regular basis. Quality data and results are measured from the customer interface, own processes, financial tools, development functions, and human resources management. The measurement and evaluation of the results is divided into Group-level activity indicators and unit-based monitoring. Based on the results, we make decisions and improve our quality performance. 

Each Stera worker is responsible for their own work and its quality.

Environmental Policy

We  reduce the environmental impacts of our operations. We use modern equipment and operating models in our production and operation. We take environmental impacts into account when designing our products, manufacturing and operations. If we see room for improvement in our customers’ or suppliers’ products or operations, we are not afraid to bring it out. 

The waste that is generated in our operation is recycled in the best possible way and we reduce the amount of the waste. The environmental impact of each unit is mapped annually and the environmental program is modified if necessary. 

We strive in every effort to ensure that we meet the requirements and legislation of the authorities. The company’s management and staff are committed to environmental policy compliance as well as continuous improvement.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Metals such as tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold are used in many industries for manufacturing. But some sources of these minerals are in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries, and their extraction may finance or benefit armed groups that are associated with human rights violations. That’s why these four metals are known as “conflict minerals”. 

Stera Technologies is committed to having a socially responsible supply chain and will not condone any abuse of human rights. 

Stera commits to:

  • Support the aims and objectives of the EU legislation on the supply of “conflict minerals”
  • Do not knowingly procure specified metals that originate from facilities in the “conflict region” that are not certified as “conflict free”. 

If we discover the use of these minerals produced in facilities that are considered to be “non-conflict free”, in any material, parts or components we procure, we will take actions to transition products that are “conflict free”

Data Security Policy

The most important obejctives of Stera´s Data Security work is to guarantee reliable and undistorted operations of crucial information systems, to prevent inappropriate use of data, to guarantee the integrity of data, and to minimize the disturbance of possible errors. The execution of the objectives are handled by administrative and technical measures.

Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Policy aims at securing the handling of all personal data and securing the rights of Stera´s customers, employees and people of other stake holders. The policy ensures that the handler of such data follows all obligations in terms of privacy and data protection.

With data protection we wean securing privacy. Special attention is given to protecting personal data and making sure no outsiders have access to such data. In addition, we make certain that all handlers of peronal data have embraced given norms for protecting data and maintaining confidentiality of such data. Data protection is an essential part of data security in all handling of personal data at Stera.

Privacy notice Stera Group Oy [PDF]

Work, Health and Safety policy

We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees by investing in maintaining and promoting work ability, occupational health care and the well-being of the work community. We all have the right and the duty to a safe workplace. The goal is always to minimize the number of accidents.

We comply with applicable laws and regulations and comply with our standards.

With the help of risk and hazard assessment and minimization, we make the workplace safe for everyone. We are committed to continuously improving and developing our work, health and safety system and culture, both at Stera and our partners. Our staff and, where appropriate, our partners are involved in decision-making on health, safety and well-being at work.

Orientation and continuous education are the basis for safe practices. Everyone has a duty to obey safety instructions and to report the disadvantages.