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The primary goal of the data security policy is ensuring the continuity of the functions that Stera Group is responsible for, in all circumstances. Appropriate and effective data security ensures the availability of the ICT solutions related to Stera's operations, and the integrity and confidentiality of data used in processes and services under all circumstances in all operating countries. This policy forms the basis for ensuring the security of Stera Group's information systems and data processes.

Stera's data security policy [PDF]


The Data Protection Policy aims at securing the handling of all personal data and securing the rights of Stera´s customers, employees and people of other stake holders. The policy ensures that the handler of such data follows all obligations in terms of privacy and data protection.

With data protection we wean securing privacy. Special attention is given to protecting personal data and making sure no outsiders have access to such data. In addition, we make certain that all handlers of peronal data have embraced given norms for protecting data and maintaining confidentiality of such data. Data protection is an essential part of data security in all handling of personal data at Stera.

Privacy notice Stera Group Oy [PDF]