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The management culture and the competence and eagerness of the personnel to work are the key factors that help us to achieve good results and create added value for our customers. Our goal is to create a flexible, efficient and balanced work community characterised by innovation and a willingness to change and make changes.


Leadership and rewarding

The personnel know the company's strategic goals and are committed to achieving them. Once the agreed goals have been achieved, the personnel are rewarded in the agreed ways.

Planned personnel development

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn and develop, but at the same time they are responsible for their own learning and development. Stera invests in personnel training and continuous learning.



Open internal communication

Open and multi-directional internal communication is important to us. Utilising the synergy opportunities requires that all relevant information about the Group's various businesses and their goals be available to those who need them.


We treat all of our employees equally and uniformly, regardless of gender, nationality, age, religion, political opinions or the like.