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Our values guide our operations at Stera.

Customer Orientated Operations - We want to deepen our collaboration with our customers in order to find new and increasingly competitive solutions to meet our customers' needs. We keep our promises, we are flexible, and we can adjust whatever changes the customer's may require. We analyse our operations and make continuous improvements.

Effectiveness - Each of us take responsibility for ensuring that matters progress smoothly and sensibly. Together, we set challenging goals and move towards them in a planned and productive manner. We are constantly developing our operations, productivity, and expertise, and devising new solutions.



Employee Satisfaction - We value and encourage each other as well as trust each other, and share the knowledge and skills we need to work with each other. We provide constructive feedback. We accept the differences between people, but we do not accept poor work or breaking common rules.



Sustainability - Honesty is the foundation for all of Stera's business, statements, and reports, and the lifeblood of sustainability. We keep our promises and commitments.

Transparency of operations - We report on our operations in an open and honest manner in accordance with the applicable laws and the commonly accepted practices of the capital and financial markets.

Dealing with intangible human capital -The creation and protection of knowledge and intangible capital is important to us.

Conflicts of Interest, Gifts, and Bribes - Company employees must avoid activities that result in a conflict of interest. Stera prohibits corruption and bribery in all its operations.

Respecting and promoting human rights - Stera respects and promotes the universal human rights as defined by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. These include freedom of thought, opinion, expression, religion, and peaceful assembly. No one is discriminated against on the basis of race, age, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. Stera does not condone the use of forced labour or child labour.

Personnel policies - All supervisors are required to actively and appropriately promote a management culture in line with Stera's values. As an employer, Stera is committed to treating its employees fairly, impartially and equally. No kind of harassment is allowed.

By adhering to Stera's values and ethical guidelines, we create added value for our stakeholders and become more attractive as an employer.



Stera's employees and other stakeholders can report suspected misconduct, violations of Stera’s values or Stera’s Code of Conduct to Stera’s anonymous Notification Channel. Through the Notification Channel, Stera has the opportunity to gain valuable information about potential problems at an early stage and to address them.

Disclosures and suspicions will be processed strictly confidentally only by persons with processing rights. For a person suspected of abuse, the whistleblower will always remain anonymous.

The persons managing the notifications will not have access to metadata or an IP address that could identity the notifier. All messages are encrypted at the time of creation with a symmetric and asymmetric strong encryption algorithm that cannot be decrypted or modified afterwards. The persons managing the notifications will only be informed of the time of the notification and the content of the notification.

Thank you for helping the Stera to operate as a responsible company, promoting good business!

You can report anonymously here

Privacy Notice of the Whistleblowing Notification Channel



Сотрудники Stera и другие заинтересованные стороны могут отправлять сообщения о предполагаемых неправомерных действиях, нарушениях ценностей Stera или Кодекса этики Stera на анонимный канал уведомления анонимно или от своего имени. По каналу уведомлений Stera имеет возможность получать информацию о проблемах на ранней стадии и решать их.

Раскрытие информации и подозрения будут обрабатываться в условиях строжайшей конфиденциальности только лицами, имеющими права на обработку данных. Для человека, подозреваемого в злоупотреблениях, осведомитель всегда останется анонимным.

Принимающие процессоры не будут иметь доступа к метаданным или IP-адресу, которые могли бы идентифицировать уведомителя. Все сообщения шифруются во время создания с помощью симметричного и асимметричного сильного алгоритма шифрования, который нельзя расшифровать или изменить впоследствии. Обработчики будут проинформированы только о времени уведомления и содержании уведомления.

Спасибо, что помогаете Stera Group работать в качестве ответственной компании, содействующей хорошему бизнесу!

Сообщите анонимно здесь.

Privacy Notice of the Whistleblowing Notification Channel