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STERA-cabinets are also available as just frames. The frames are delivered self-standing, equipped with front rack rails as well as with c-rails (depth-wise). An excellent option for a protected space, where a wall-mount bracket cannot be used. Side panels, back panels, doors, roof and the bottom can later be added to the frame. STERA-cabinet frames are manufactured and equipped to mobile cabinets, according to the end-customers’ wishes. They are used in particular by telecom operators in Finland.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of 19” mounting rails
  • 6 pairs of c-rails on the side
  • Frame

Product properties

  • Packaging size: 1 cabinet
  • Also customizable for specific sizes and colors

additional accessories

  • Battery bracket
  • Equipment Shelf
  • More C-rails/ rack-rails
  • Cable managers
  • Distribution strips

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