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electronics and wiring harnesses


Stera Technologies designs and manufactures wiring harnesses and high-quality electronics for different purposes, such as elevators, weather stations, medical devices, mobile machines and other high-technology products. We work closely together with our customers in order to ensure efficiency and high quality. 

Our wiring harness production is able to manage both small and large sets of products flexibly. If needed, we can do fast deliveries for both prototypes and mass production. We can manufacture wiring harnesses cost-effectively using new machinery and our own efficient manufacturing network. We can also install the wiring harnesses to the customer's end products and test the function of the entity.

We offer comprehensive design services, where we design the product from scratch according to the customer's needs. Alternatively, we can manufacture the product according to the customer's design. We are able to do fast prototype deliveries, which supports the design phase. We manufacture our printed circuit boards (PCBs) at our modern surface mount assembly line competitively, and offer product-based testing services.  Our special expertise is, among others, different control systems and low and high voltage power centers.

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