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Sterasmart factory

SteraSmart is a smart, real-time and easily scaleable solution for factory and production tracking. It is based on wireless sensor technology. The IoT system developed and produced by Stera, collects data from the production facility and visualizes it. Based on the visualized data, it is possible to create better business solutions and develop the competitiveness of your operating environment. With the help of SteraSmart, you can manage complex production environments in real time.  With the system you can optimize production processes, increase efficiency and quality, and ensure that traceability requirements are met. You get a picture of the whole production process in one view, which enables fast reaction in error conditions and reduces production downtime.

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easy to install

Installing the SteraSmart system to existing production facilities is simple. No extra telecommunications cables or PLCs for data collection and processing are needed. Independent of device base,  tracking of the device utilization rate is possible from both exisiting and new production devices with the Smart sensors.  The sensor is wireless and creates a network between the sensors.



lead your production with data

SteraSmart collects data from the sensors installed in the production facility. With the help of the sensors, you can optimize the production, forecast maintenance needs, and avoid unnecessary stops in the production.  All data is collected into one view. You can get in-depth information about a specific production line, an individual machine, and even a specific part of the machine. 



real-time information about your production in one view

The SteraSmart solution operates with sensors that are connected to the traceable production devices. The sensors can measure and monitor, for instance, temperature, relative humidity, motion and vibration. The data is transferred from the sensors to the Stera Smart software. The user interface of the SteraSmart software is easy to learn and use. The devices can even be controlled from your phone.  The system brings the whole production process into one view, and sends alarm emails in case of error conditions.



increase productivity

With SteraSmart you get real-time notifications when error conditions occur in the production. SteraSmart also helps you predict upcoming maintenance needs. This way you avoid unnecessary production downtime and the efficiency increases. SteraSmart also offers good support for quality control, as it helps detect error conditions even before they occur, if the parameters defined in advance exceed or fall below.




(S)martti and R(Router) are our developed devices for sensor network building.

  • (S)martti is a sensor that collects data from a target. The  (S)martti sensor measures temperature, relative humidity and motion.
  • (R)router uses AC power as its power source. Router is connected to AC power with a micro USB cable and its purpose is to expand and strengthen the sensor network.
  • (G)veli gateway functions as the connecting point between the software and the cloud service. (G)veli needs a SIM-card with a fixed public IP address to function.